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Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave

Elvis... dead? Yep, just believe me... he is!
Longgone dead and done but not just quite done!!
The Memphis Stiff is rockin' like never before, back from the grave,
alone and more primitive then ever before!
Takin' care of business as a ONEMANBAND!
Dead Elvis without the Memphis Mob, Pills or viva Las Vegas!
Just one monster playing drums, guitar and howlin' like he has got nothing to lose!
This is primitive Rock and Roll as it is ment to be, sounds that will wake you
up from your Top 40 NIGHTMARE!!!

Since late 2006 dead Elvis had a worldwide impact and has become a inspiration to many.
His haunted styleof Rock and Roll is burnin' like wildfire
and gainin' a evergrowing fanbase across generations and genres.
This deadman is cookin' up a damn fine "primitive-trash-a-billy-monster-rock'n'roll-soup"
and serving it on a dirth flat platter!! I bet ya, that will be messy!!

In 2009/2010 Dead Elvis released his long awaited full length album called "Dig 'em up!".
This album is a compilation of early, sold out releases on different labels and features
14 wild and primitive songs that guarentee to melt your brain!

Over the past years Dead Elvis has played shows all around the world in countries like:
Japan, Brazil, Uruguay, China, Chile, Turkey, Argentina, Hungaria, Italy, Finland, Spain and many more.

From 28th of July till 30 september 2012, dead Elvis will go on a 2 month tour in Brazil
and Europe called "Frantic over the Atlantic with the Fabulous Go-go boy from Alabama".
A special tour split 7" will be released on Mama Vendetta Records From Brazil.

Two other new 7" releases on Monster Mash Records and Stencil Trash Records are planned in July and August 2012.
Some facts:
* Dead Elvis was the 1st onemanband to ever tour in Chile China and Turkey.
* Dead Elvis has been touring China & japan twice in 2010 and has third Asia tour coming up Feb 2012.
* dead Elvis did 21 shows in Latin America (Brazil, Uruguay, argentina and Chile)
* Dead Elvis played his first ever show at legendary Paradiso Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
* Dead Elvis played at the opening of the "Freitag" shop in Cologne Germany
* Dead Elvis was invited by the mayor of Paraiso do Norte, Brazil to play at their local venue.
* Dead Elvis sold out 2 releases by preorder, several days before the actual releasedate.